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I'm glad I didn't have to do any shopping today. Not even rat food. I'll go to the pet store tomorrow (plus, uh, I've kind of been stalking cats on Petfinder, and apparently one shelter is showing their cats at one of the pet stores tomorrow... I'll do my best to resist). That reminds me, I did have an interesting dream last night though. There was this big brown rat loose in my room in my mom's house, and I managed to grab it (with a paper towel or something), and then I was going to throw it out the window (not very nice of me, I know), but when I opened the window, there were like half a dozen different windows to open while I was holding a squirming rat. And then another big brown rat was loose in my car, and for some reason its name was Ben. (At first, I wondered if that had anything to do with human Ben, but after I woke up I realized it was probably a reference to the rat Big Ben in the movie "Willard.") I was chasing it around my trunk and finally managed to grab it, then I dropped it on the ground and was trying to step on it. (Gosh, I'm so cruel in my dreams!)

Speaking of rats again, I saw "Enchanted" today. I liked it. I'm a fan of twisted fairy tales, and this one was quite twisted all right. I should train my rats to clean my house when I sing. That would be awesome. And Susan Sarandon makes a fabulous, sexy villain.

I went to the shooting range with my dad, Katie, and Jesse. So I got to fire a .22 revolver and a .380 pistol. It was a little weird at first since I'd never fired a handgun, only rifles, but I didn't kill anyone or injure anything except maybe a couple pieces of poor, innocent paper. I liked the .22 revolver, but not the .380 pistol. It was louder and jumpier, and I don't think I even hit the target when I was shooting it. But the first time I shot with the revolver, I didn't do so badly and even got a bullseye. I still like rifles better though, because I have trouble holding still, and I feel like I have more control when using them. They also have archery at the gun club, and I wonder if people use crossbows there too, because I'd like to learn how to use one. Crossbows are just cool. And not as loud as guns.

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