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I had a rather delicious yet unsettling dream last night. I dreamed that I was at Zaiaka with Rose (the place looked different than usual, but it's pretty common in my dreams for places to look different). I was at the lunch buffet, heaping my plate full of delicious Indian food (though for some reason, the palak paneer had pasta in it). I went back to the table and was drinking iced tea, and I found it odd that Meena hadn't brought me my usual mango lassi. I then realized I was dreaming and decided that I needed to go to Zaiaka when I woke up. So I did, only I was still dreaming. This time, it looked more like Zaiaka upon entering, and everyone there was really glad to see me because I hadn't been there in a while (it's been about 2 weeks, which is unusual for me). But then when I walked in, I saw that the restaurant had changed. It was much bigger, and they had installed more areas for the lunch buffet. It looked really nice, and I told Meena I liked the changes. I was looking around and then went out what was kind of a side door leading outside, and I think Katie, Jesse, and Rose were there. So we went in for the buffet (even though Katie doesn't like Indian food except for samosas, naan, and mango lassi). I went around with my plate, looking for yummies. They had a few things like some naan over on one section, and another area had these chimichanga-like things, and I was trying to determine if they had meat in them (I think some actually had beef in them, which was REALLY weird). Then there were just these tables and tables of dessert. Lots of cake, some donuts, cookies, etc. I was walking around thinking "ok, dessert, dessert, dessert... where's the palak paneer?" I started to panic, because there was all this cake, but I wanted PALAK PANEER! Meena said that she had hired a new baker or something. I tried a piece of chocolate cake, and it was really good, but that wasn't what I wanted. I felt really depressed about it, so I went to sit down to eat what I had, but the restaurant was dark, and now apparently Sarah was at the table (which was also weird since she doesn't like Indian food either). Nobody else had any food there, but they were waiting for somethingorother. I went to the table where there was naan, but it was too dark to see anything. Meena turned on a small table lamp, but it didn't help much. I woke up severely craving Indian food, but it was 5:30 am. I was very worried because of my all-the-cake-you-can-eat-but-no-palak-paneer dream, and I couldn't fall back asleep even though I had another hour before my alarm went off.

Now I'm not going to be able to think of anything else but Zaiaka all day. I don't really have enough time to go to the lunch buffet, so I'm definitely going there for dinner, even if I have to go alone. If only to satisfy myself so I can concentrate on something other than palak paneer and make sure Meena hasn't turned the place into a bakery.

It's kind of sad that I would consider this almost a nightmare. Of all the things that would freak me out, I panic over my favorite restaurant lacking palak paneer. *sigh*

I wonder how Freud would interpret this dream. Probably that I have so many good things around me, but I'm not satisfied with what's available and want something different that should be available but isn't? Or maybe my empty stomach represents a vagina, and the palak paneer represents... well, palak paneer doesn't really resemble anything even remotely sexual or phallic. Or maybe I'm just obsessed. *shrugs*

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