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Ah, today is the day my baby sister turns legal. Holy crap. She's actually considered an "adult" now. That's just scary. Why, I remember turning 18... nothing exciting really happened though, until a few days later when my appendix committed suicide and I missed the last week of high school. Ha. I really wanted to buy Katie porn in honor of being legal, but I figured my parents would kill me, and she wouldn't find it nearly as funny as I did.

It also makes me wonder if the "Ade's hot underage sister" jokes will cease, or if they'll evolve into "Ade's hot LEGAL sister" jokes.

So I decided to follow my dreams quite literally, and I went to Zaiaka for dinner last night. Much to my relief, it was still the same delicious Indian restaurant and not a giant bakery buffet. I was the only one there except a few people getting takeout, so I had a good conversation with Meena about a variety of things. And now I kind of want to bake her an apple pie and bring it in sometime. I bet she'd love that. And my palak paneer craving has been satisfied. Hooray.

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