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*sigh* Man, I'm addicted to Super Paper Mario. I just got it on Saturday, and I've already logged about 16 hours on the game. For those of you thinking "ONLY 16 hours?" remember that I do have a full-time job, and I also need my daily Runescape fix.

Speaking of gaming, I'll be up in Meadville this weekend for mass amounts of nerdery. I'm heading up tomorrow after work, and I figure I'll stay overnight at a local hotel (since I can now afford to be weird about sleeping in other peoples' territory, plus make use of clean bathrooms and the free wireless internet most hotels offer) since the game likely will go on into the wee hours. Then I'll probably end up visiting Francesca on Saturday, since it's been a few months. If any of you who are/will be in Meadville this weekend want to hang out at some point on Saturday, let me know.

So I guess I should get cracking on doing character stats and stuff. Thing is, I haven't played tabletop RPGS in nearly 4 years now, and I always manage to get thoroughly confused when numbers and feats and stuff are involved, and even though different people have tried explaining things to me, I'm still a moron in this area. So instead of, you know, being smart and asking someone for help, I'm going to pull an Ade and turn to the interwebs for instructions at the very last minute, and then when I'm all proud of myself for conquering the complicated stuff, someone will tell me I did it all wrong. Ha. You know, I probably would have been more involved in social RPGs in college if it wasn't for the technical aspects of gaming. I like the role-playing aspect and fighting and stuff, not to mention sexually harassing endless stable boy clones (muhahahahaaaa), I just need to go over the technical stuff until it finally seeps into my brain and makes sense. See, this is why I also tend to stick to video game RPGs. They give you a set number of skill points and a selection of other things to choose from, and you just click on stuff and press buttons, and then it works and you can talk to the king, leave the castle, and kill slimes or whatever. Is there a Dummies guide for this? I think I need one. It's kind of like insurance and financial stuff. I understand why they're important and some vague basics, but the complexities go way over my head. Well anyway, once I quit being a dumbass and get it right, the game promises to be much fun.

And maybe I irrationally worry too much about this, but I always get a little excited inside when someone at work tells me I'm going to take over some minor ongoing thing, because it means I'm not going to lose my job any time soon. I mean, I'm doing fine and everything, but I still have nightmares about job-hunting, and I like feeling secure. *nerd voice* 'Cause then I can keep steadily earning gold and XP.

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