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So. Here's my problem. I'm a lazy, fat nerd who would rather play video games than exercise. This is no secret to anyone. I'd go walking, but a) my street is not great for walking on, since there's no sidewalk, it's curvy, and I live in a woodsy area between a college and senior apartments so I'd have to dodge the questionable driving of college students, old people, and deer (those crazy deer, they like to accelerate into the middle of the road when they see you coming and then park while you slam on the brakes), b) it's cold and snowy out, c) by the time I come home from work, it's dark, and d) this is quite a complex, run-on sentence. I also abhor public exercising like gyms (mainly because I go "ACK, humans everywhere and sweating on everything!").

Well, I've figured out a solution. I need to use my video game addiction to my advantage here. I figure that by playing certain video games that require me to get off the couch and move around, I can at least squeeze a bit of exercise in. I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight here (though I'd like to get rid of that 10 lbs or so I put on since March, which was partially due to sitting in a cubicle for 40 hours a week and partially due to drinking too many sugary beverages, and now half my clothes don't fit and I'm starting to look and feel like Jabba the Hut). I just want to at least have some metabolism and be somewhat healthy. And then, when I'm snowed in come February and the ninja zombies are breaking into my basement, I can valiantly slay the hordes and hang their skulls from the roof like Christmas lights. Yeah, I'm sure my neighbors would just love that, in addition to the delicious smell of decapitated corpses burning in the backyard firepit. Provided the neighbors survive the ninja zombie invasion, of course.

Where was I? Oh yes, video games that encourage exercise. So, fair maidens and maiden-boys of Livejournal, I am open to suggestions. The gaming consoles I currently own are a PS2 and a Wii (I also have a GBC, GBA, and 2 PCs, but I doubt those have many options). I do have Wii Sports, and my sister has DDR, but I want to consider other options too. Especially if they're good multi-player games, because the majority of my games are single-player, and I'd like to have a wider variety of games available for when my friends are over, not just Karaoke Revolution and Wii Sports (I want to get Marvel Ultimate Alliance at some point, but I doubt that's a very exercise-inducing game). In terms of the general types of games I usually like to play, I prefer RPGs, strategy, classic arcade, and puzzles, and I sometimes play fighting, shooting, and other action games. I'm not big on sports games (except Wii Sports) or those ones based on modern game shows. So, any suggestions?

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