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Ok, so I know probably none of the people reading this currently play Runescape, but I'm going to talk about it anyway, even if nobody cares but me. So unless you're really bored, you can just enjoy the kitten-eating-spaghetti icon on your friends page (or if you're reading this from my main page, the icon of me in a habit) and move along.

So. Yesterday, there were some new updates to Runescape, mainly the way trades work and the reduction of the wilderness area (where players can run around killing each other freely). Now, since I'm a solitary player 99.5% of the time and don't partake in the PKing or socializing (I currently have only one friend who regularly plays, and we met in real life and sort of became friends due to a common nerdy passion), most of the new updates don't really affect me. Although I must say, HOORAY FOR LOTS MORE BANK SPACE and HOORAY FOR BEING ABLE TO GO INTO PARTS OF THE WILDERNESS TO WORK ON MY CLUE SCROLL WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT SOME DOUCHEBAG TRYING TO KILL ME and HOORAY FOR THE NEW SUMMONING SKILL COMING IN JANUARY! But I went to the forums to see how clue scrolls would be affected, and everyone and their mother is up in arms about these new updates, screaming that Jagex killed Runescape, and they seem to think that PKing and clan warfare are the only worthwhile aspects of Runescape. But really, it's a multifaceted game, and when I'm not off slaying basilisks and blue dragons and demons and so forth, I do enjoy catching and looting imps, pickpocketing and stealing from market stalls, talking to my pet hellkitten (he was nicer when he was a regular kitten, but that's the price you pay for eating too many hellrats), doing quests where I get to infiltrate the lair of megalomaniac penguins and other fun things, and so forth. I'm more of a skiller and quester, and I really only deal with other players when I want to buy or sell stuff. I do have some issues with their new trade system, since it blocks "unbalanced" trades and therefore prevents friends from lending items, helping each other, and so forth, and now I can't take advantage of desperate folks who offer me half a key (worth 30k) in exchange for my hunting gear (which probably costs less than 100). Oh well. I'm just grateful I have lots more bank space now, and if millions of people want to quit because they have to go to the special bounty-hunting PK arena, it's their loss. At least now I can continue working on my clue scroll without having to worry about PKers chasing after me (though there are new "ghosts" to worry about, and I still have to fight a double agent to get my next clue, but at least I don't have to worry about some jerk trying to murder me and steal my stuff and teleblocking me when I try to get away). And January's new summoning skill promises to be awesome. So Runescape may be full of irate 11-year-olds right now, but I'm mostly content.

Also, I find it hilarious that whenever people are upset about something online, instead of calmly saying "I disagree because bla bla bla," they resort to flaming, and their English skills go even FURTHER down the toilet, and they end up saying things like "OMG U KILL3D RS U TW4TF4C3 I H4T3 U 411 GO D1E WH1L3 I SKR00 YR MOM!!!!!1111!!!!" and stuff like that.

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