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Enercon, the company I work for, just revamped their website. There's an article on the news page about a project we recently completed, the license application for a new nuclear power plant. So if any of you have ever wondered what I do for a living, check it out. I didn't do any writing or anything, just making changes in the documents, but it was a pretty big project that took a lot of effort from everyone involved. This is also a big deal in the energy world and a huge milestone in the nuclear renaissance. (They use the term "nuclear renaissance" a lot. I think we should have a nuclear renaissance festival where everyone dresses up in nuclear-related garb or something.) And my office keeps hiring new people (mostly engineers), so we had to rent office space down the street and move a bunch of people there until the new office building is built (right across the street from the current office). It's a lot quieter and less cramped now. I mean, the conference room was cannibalized and filled with cubicles, there are people working in the copy room and sharing offices, etc. The place was full of crazy for a while, between squishing everyone in, getting two license applications in (I think the other application for Duke just finished, or at least it will in the next few days), starting another project, and so forth. But I'm doing all right. I'm switching my employment status to regular so I get better benefits in exchange for a slightly lower salary (but the benefits are much better, including more vacation time, bonuses, etc.). And pretty soon I'm going to be involved in more projects, since right now there's kind of a lull, and I don't have very much to do (which is kind of nice but also really boring). But there are more applications on the way. Weeee.

In non-work-related news, I still pretty much have no life and fill my free time with video games. I mean, the highlight of my weekend will probably be the company holiday party on Saturday, even though it's going to be full of grownups and their spouses. I won't even know half the people there, since a good portion of them don't work in my office. But hey, there's food. I'll try to avoid sitting in a corner all evening, casting shifty glances around the room and occasionally jotting something down in a notebook. Big groups of people make me uneasy, especially if I'm supposed to socialize with people I don't know, but I'll force myself to be pleasant and pretend to be interested in how everyone's kids are doing. (A lot of my coworkers have kids who are my age or within about 8 years... I really do feel like the baby of the office.)

Gah. I just talked about work-related stuff for almost an entire post. I really do need to get out more. I'm starting to sound like a grownup. I'm going to go pay my taxes and play golf. [Note: that last sentence may only be funny to Alphans, but I had to throw it in.] It's funny though, because the more "adult" I act at work, the more I regress in my free time. I mean, I sing along to Hannah Montana in the car, play video games CONSTANTLY (moreso than usual these days, which is pretty severe), I watch the Disney Channel... Gotta stay young somehow, even though I'm pushing 25 (almost over the anthill?) and am off on my own. I wish I could just skip over the whole "adulthood" thing and just go from "young, crazy munchkin" to "eccentric little old cat lady." Because someday, I WILL be that batty little crone who smells like cheese and cat food. About... 5 years from now. Heh. Ack, in 5 years, I'll be pushing 30. *gulp* Better buy a new red hat and purple feather boa, I'm practically old enough to join the Red Hat Society. (Ok, so it's still half a lifetime away for me, but it's something I really look forward to.)

I ramble now. It must be time for bed.

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