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hehehe i just took a "realage" test (, and apparently my "realage" is 14.5 - so i'm really 5 years younger. apparently my lifestyle makes me younger, even if i'm overweight, don't eat quite as healthy as i could, and don't exercise very much besides fencing and scaling the stairs here. the test is designed for adults ages 20 and up, but i'll be 20 in less than 6 months, so i figured what the heck.

we were decorating the hall for halloween, stringing spiderwebs all over. we're going to lay my mannequin on the floor with red fabric under her to look like a pool of blood. and kids will come trick-or-treat!

WHY is it so friggin' cold in here?!?!?! i set the heater to 5 and left it there, and it's not working! damn you! i'm dipping into the halloween candy.
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