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This year, holiday procrastination wins, as I still haven't bought presents for anyone yet. Knowing me, I'll put it off until probably next weekend (at the earliest). I went to the mall briefly yesterday, but my purpose was to find a decent sweater to wear to the office party. And socks! But no presents yet. Well, at least I should be getting my paycheck tomorrow, so I can eventually buy things for people.

The office party was interesting. I didn't know the majority of the people there, since many of them work at other locations, and I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person there by at least 5 years or so. I tried not to show my inner panic and was reasonably social. I'm rather proud of myself for not just hiding in a corner all evening, even though the room was full of grownups. The food was pretty good, anyway. And they gave out lottery tickets (I won $2, woohoo) and had door prizes. I ended up winning a bucket of car cleaning supplies. I had to laugh, because those of you who have ever seen my car know it's pretty much a chronic mess.

I got a package of Dakin Farm goodies from Pop Pop the other day. Ahhh, wonderful Vermont food. There was some bacon in there too, but I gave it to my mom today when she came over to give me a poinsettia. So now my house looks somewhat more festive, although if I do get a cat in the next couple months (I've been Petfinder-stalking this guy for a while now, and next time I talk to my landlord, I'm going to make sure it's ok to have a cat), I'll have to put the plant outside or something since they're toxic to cats. And yes, when I moved here I did promise myself I wasn't going to get a cat for a few years until I could buy a house, but I kind of knew it was only a matter of time before I'd cave in. At this point it's become a necessity. And I've been wanting a Maine Coon for nearly a year now. Maybe in January...

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