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Hoo boy. Waking up at 5 to bake cookies + Chinese food + yoinking one of the cushy, comfy computer chairs since some of my coworkers temporarily moved down the street + a seemingly endless list of files to convert to PDFs = a real challenge to stay awake at work. But the office is filled with cookies and chocolate, so I can't complain. I made cranberry macaroons, and they turned out all right. I don't think I've ever made macaroons before, but they were pretty easy. We had craft time too, cutting out snowflakes from coffee filters to use as "doilies" for the big cookie platters we assembled to give to the bosses. We're so resourceful like that.

My uncle Clarke was in town this week (for business), so I got to see him a few times. He and my mom came over for dinner last night. And tomorrow I'm going to see the Bodies exhibit. Ah, nothing celebrates the holiday spirit like ooohing and aaahing over creatively mutilated cadavers.

Hooray for 2 4-day weekends in a row! (We get Christmas and New Year's Day off, and I'm taking the eves off too.) Now I have more time to do things like buy presents, clean my house, and read/knit/watch trashy dating shows/play Runescape/play on the Wii/write/bake/whatever. *sigh* 1 hour and 11 minutes of work left...

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