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*sigh* my happy gray hoodie isn't keeping me warm any more. it's just too cold outside. so i'll have to resort to my big, bulky, flumpy sweatshirts and *gasp* coats. i also want my fuzzy blue pjs that i left at home! i think i should go home next weekend (i'd rather go home this weekend, but i have exams and stuff next week i'll need to concentrate on) and pick up some of my winter clothes and stuff. i won't get a chance to pick up my winter stuff until thanksgiving, and we're going down to florida, so i need my winter stuff very soon. it's freeeeeezing here, and this year the heaters in brooks only work sporadically, when i don't care about being warm and cozy.

my partner decided not to show up for art today, so since i couldn't discuss the project with her, i sat around and drew stuff for 2 hours. i also moved my dolls in their box downstairs to the alcove by the auditorium. most of the people in my class moved their sculptures there too. mine is on a pedestal. i wonder if people will go up and play with the dolls. i hope so. i should put a sign on it saying "have fun" or something. yay, my work is in the middle of the campus center for all to see and gawk at. i can see it now...

person 1: what the... is that HEDWIG?!?!?!
person 2: yeah! hey, who's the chick with the wings?
1: dude, let's arrange these!
2: okay! hehehe a styrofoam bunny rabbit!
1: and this guy has a mullet!
2: is it a guy or a chick?
1: dude, beats me. hey, let's make this cave dude with the spear hunt it!
2: okay!

riiiiiiight. hey, wanna hear part of a poem i'm writing? it's not finished, but i'm going to finish it sometime before 9 tonight so i can read it at the poetry reading and amaze everyone with my lack of poetic ability.

pomegranate blood

its blood is an acquired taste
each seed wrapped in a bittersweet tear
hundreds and hundreds in a thick-skinned orb
each fruit like bubble wrap waiting to be popped
its watery blood drips down your knife
ripened seeds spill from the mother fruit

that's what i have so far. i want to mention something about persephone and death and the wheel of the year and stuff, but it'll come to me eventually. i was eating part of a pomegranate yesterday and the poem decided to come, so i thought about it on the way to the argo meeting and grabbed some paper as soon as i got there. i like pomegranates...

i'm also going to read one of megan's poems, since she's an amazing poet. i think this would be appropriate.

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