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Because pimping is what I do...

So! The utterly fabulous and amazing duo of Tammy and Julie came up with one of the most awesome ideas ever. Like sci-fi/fantasy? Like children's/young adult books? Like children's/young adult sci-fi/fantasy? Well, how about a whole convention? Yes, folks, there's a new con in the works, and ya_fsf_con has been exploding with activity in only 3 days. So if you're as excited about this as I am and want to get involved or at least stay informed, check it out. I'm extremely giddy about this, and my brain has gone into hyperdrive. It's like a dream coming true!

And also...

What's your guilty pleasure?

I have many guilty pleasures. Go ahead and laugh. My guilty pleasure side is totally a 12-year-old girly girl.

- Bouncy, happy teen pop music
- Avril Lavigne
- pornography
- shrimp
- shallow girly teen magazines
- lying in bed eating chips and cheese dip straight out of the can (I almost never do this, but it's wonderful)
- stupid dating shows
- chicken parmesan
- sitting down in the shower and letting the hot water beat on my back for as long as possible
- looking at cats on Petfinder, Craigslist, and in PetSmart (they're rescue cats) [I only feel guilty about this because looking makes me want one even more, and my landlord hasn't called me back about whether having a cat is ok yet]
- lazing around all day on the weekend (I feel like I should be doing productive stuff, but I have so much fun not moving)
- following the rather ridiculous romantic dramas of people I know (It's better than soap operas and literature! Only I'm less likely to yell things like "Ron, you MORON, break up with that bitch Lavender already! You totally belong with Hermione!" at inanimate objects. And I don't know anyone named Lavender or Hermione. And yes, I did actually squeal and say "awwwwww!" in a really girly voice during a certain scene in a certain book.)
- silly romantic comedy chick flicks

Those are all the ones I can think of right now.

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