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I didn't feel like cooking tonight (and a cheese stick doesn't count as lunch), so I decided to go to Zaiaka for dinner. Besides, I hadn't been there in a few weeks, since my uncle was in town, and I wanted to visit Meena. Wonderful, as usual. I have a belly full of goodness and leftovers to enjoy tomorrow (because bhindi masala DOES count as lunch).

I've been obsessively scanning real estate sites, looking for potential houses. I'm not planning to move until sometime in April, but it's good to look now, and I'm doing research and educating myself on financial stuff. You see, up until like a year ago, the term "mortgage" referred to the word on the backs of monopoly properties and was something grownups were always blathering on about. But I'll have to have one of those if I want a house, because I sure don't have thousands and thousands of spare dollars on hand. And I don't think they'll accept the roughly 3.5 million Runescape gold I have in the bank. Besides, I already have my own Runescape house (with 2 bedrooms, 3 combat rooms, a chapel, a costume room, a workshop, a bunch of other rooms, a demon butler, and NO bathrooms, because adventurers never pee, poop, shower, wash their hands, brush their teeth, etc.). Anyway, one of these days I'll actually tour a few houses, but right now it's looking and researching.

Oh yes, and my yard looks so much better without the deflated air mattress that had been lying there since September. And the dismembered branches against the house, the squishy little pumpkins, the charred beer cans in the firepit, and other random crap (including an abandoned mop that was there when I moved in). And Rose, I found your glasses.

Yes, things are getting cleaner around here. They'd be even cleaner if the stupid vacuum hadn't clogged - I need to bite the bullet, put on some eye protection and a dust mask, take the thing outside, and promptly get annoyed at Jiraiya for kicking EVERYTHING out of his cage, because that's pretty much what the vacuum is clogged with: rat litter, food, and poo. Yeah, thanks, buddy. Hopefully, putting his cage inside a cat box will catch most of the debris, since the bottom of his cage isn't as high as Emeril's cage. Anyway, at least the craft room is looking good.

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