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So I just found out via Facebook that new episodes of Kyle XY start tonight. I thought the new season was supposed to start this summer, since it's always on in the summer, but I guess they're doing it differently this year. Hooray! More Kyle XY! No belly buttons! Well, this was a random nice surprise. Especially after I probably bored Ben to death last night blathering on and on about the show.

Here are my predictions for this season:
Well, of course Jessie is still alive. A girl with weird superpowers jumping off a cliff is a highly ambiguous "suicide." And since Adam is apparently still alive, anything goes. I think Adam's girlfriend in the old pictures is taking care of him, and Jessie will somehow find her and get answers and stuff. Meanwhile, Kyle will go back home, suspicious about what happened, and will be all sneaky and trying to find Jessie behind his family's back. Josh will be all depressed because his girlfriend Andy has cancer and there's nothing he can do, and then Kyle will somehow cure her using his mind, because if he can see into dying people's minds, walk through fire and will himself not to burn, and other crazy stuff, he can probably cure cancer. And I just hope Amanda puts on a few pounds, gets a better haircut, and gets over her father's death already.

In non-Kyle news, the fridge repairman is coming today. Yippee! I just hope it's something easily resolved.

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