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rejoice! i'm finally doing laundry! well, i did laundry 8 days ago, and i would have done laundry yesterday if i wasn't so busy. but i'm wearing overalls, and i usually only wear them when all my jeans are in the hamper (i wear all my pants twice before washing). i used to wear overalls every other day back in junior high, but now i only wear them once every few weeks. they don't seem as comfortable as they used to be. i guess that's because i'm 30 pounds heavier, and the "lumps and bumps" (as laura refers to curves) feel funny against the fabric. oh well. they were better back in the day.

last night i heard a lound crash and woke up, saw something had fallen over, and went back to sleep. this morning i found my mannequin lying on her back (her arm fell off and she had some scratches, but she was fine when i stood her back up and put the arm back on) and part of one of the beds had fallen over (my dad took apart the other bed, and one of the parts was propped against the dresser). well, i had my sword propped against the bed part, and it fell on top of it. when i was inspecting minerva for damage, i found that her bellguard (the rounded thing by the handle for those clueless to sword anatomy) was pretty bent. i bet it can be fixed easily (i'll ask one of the professors next time i fence), but still, my beloved minerva got hurt! i can still hold the sword and everything, but the bellguard just looks wrong. *sigh*

ugh, lunch was full of chemicals that my stomach doesn't like very much. and the midol is just starting to kick in. bleh. today is an "off" day, i guess. tomorrow i hope i'll be better, because it's HALLOWEEN, the day my year revolves around, and i have a busy schedule then. i have art in the morning, we're watching "blue velvet" in film class in the afternoon, and there's a costume party at the agp house before rocky horror at midnight. i also have to squeeze my little religious celebration in there sometime. i'll be sure to get to bed early tonight. if any of you see me online after 10 pm EST, harass me.

"christianity loves threesomes."
-prof. bulman

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