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So here's another one of those "interview me" memes. You know the drill. If you want questions, just comment.

Questions from audreym

1. When did you get into Indian food?
I first had Indian food about 8 or 9 years ago, when I went to India Garden with the AFS club. I was rather obsessed with India at the time, but I had never eaten Indian food before. I think I ordered some biryani, since my fuzzy memory tells me it was mostly rice with some vegetables, and I'm pretty sure I had some gulab jamun, which was much sweeter than I had expected. I thought it was all right, but I didn't get all gung ho about Indian food until a few years later, when I started going to Indian restaurants on a more regular basis with Megan or certain college friends.

2. Would you like some Hrothgar for your Hrunting?
My Hrunting is totally bigger than Hrothgar's Hrunting, and Grendel's mom loves it.

3. What is your favorite Indian dish?
Palak paneer! I also absolutely love paneer pakoras (Meena's are full of deliciousness and love), bhindi masala, samosas, and that awesome spinach soup they have at Zaiaka.

4. Who is your favorite Naruto character?
Akimichi Chouji! Rollrollrollrollrollrollroll! I love how he's basically the poster child for gluttony, but he totally squashes the competition in battle (literally!), especially if the enemy calls him fat. And he's the most fun character to play in that fighting game, since he just plows over people like a human wrecking ball. I also like Hinata, Gaara, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Rock Lee, and Orochimaru.

5. Do you think we should make a Hidden Ninja Village of Et Smew?
Well, duh. You can throw star-of-David-shaped shurikens at everyone, Arianna can beat people over the head with a giant rattle, and I'll use the powers of tininess to sneak up on people and then stab them with knitting needles. It'll totally be awesome. We can go on a mission to retrieve the legendary Hrunting and battle Grendel's grandma, then summon a giant kitteh to take us back to the village.

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