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I'm not quite sure what this "Super Tuesday" business is all about, but people seem to be voting or something. Just goes to show how much I know about politics, eh?

That said, here's what I think based on what little I know. I really doubt there's going to be a Republican in the White House next year, since the vast majority of Americans seem royally pissed at Bush's epic screw-ups. And most of the Republican nominees seem to be religious nutjobs anyway. That McCain fellow seems to at least be decent, anyway. On the Democratic side (which seems to be getting much more media attention, another reason why I think a Democrat will win), it's particularly interesting that it's a black guy vs. a woman. Now, I tend to see people as people, despite things like race and gender. Who they are is irrelevant to their abilities. Frankly, I wouldn't care if an American-born Chinese hermaphrodite dwarf was running the country, as long as he/she/it/we-need-a-better-gender-neutral-pronoun did a good job. Anyway, I do not trust Hillary at all. I distrust politicians in general, but I distrust her more than the others. Obama seems pretty decent, at least. Plus, the vast majority of my friends seem to be rooting for him (although I'm definitely not someone who always goes along with what my friends are doing - I'm just saying that people I tend to agree with on many issues generally tend to support this particular candidate, and that doesn't necessarily affect my views).

But we all know the best candidate ever is the almighty CYCLOR, cannibal lord of the pumpkins! "Cyclor likes kittens! Do you?"

Kyle: Amanda?
Amanda: Look at me being all rebellious! I'm gonna stay with you, because you're the kind of guy who'd give the shirt off his back!
Kyle: Ok! *hands her his shirt*
Amanda: *creams herself*
Kyle: Are you ok? You're all hot and bothered, and I'm totally oblivious.
Kyle: I'll be a gentleman and give you the tub.
Amanda: Well... you can sleep here too. But we're just going to snuggle, because I'm a good little Christian prude, even though I seeeeecretly want nothing more than to rock your bathtub all night long. Now I touch your nipple!
Kyle: Uh... ok.
[Next morning]
Nicole: Kyle locked his door for the first time ever.
Josh, Lori, and Stephen: Haha, Kyle is masturbating!
Kyle: Hi everyone, I'm going to, uh, steal this banana so you can all snicker at my expense.
[Ding dong!]
Social worker: Hi folks, I'm here to ask you personal questions and do some snooping.
Everyone: Amanda's mom is such a bitch!
Josh: Must hide porn!
Lori: Must hide beer!
Kyle: Well, crap.
Jessie: Hey, sup?
Amanda: WTF?!
Jessie: WTF?!?!?!
Kyle: What is it with girls constantly coming through my window?
Declan: I'm blocking you in to rescue the beer!
Amanda: Kyle is mine!
Jessie: Well he should be MINE!
Kyle: Argh! Everyone go away!
Jessie: Hi, nice social worker lady! I'm like part of the family!
Everyone: WTF?!
Amanda: Ok, for some reason the lights are going crazy... maybe I should go...
Amanda's mom: *conveniently standing at the front door* Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch!
Amanda: I have balls now, and I'm standing up to you! Oh, and sorry I wreaked so much havoc here.
Amanda's mom: Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch!
Amanda: Kthxbye
Social worker: ...
Kyle: By the way, I sleep in... a bed?
Stephen: A bed of BEER?!?!?!
Lori: Well, shit.
Declan: By the way, you can pay by vagina.
Lori: But being ambiguous friends adds sooooo much more drama to the show!
Josh: Now this is just pathetic! You're both totally hung up on each other, so give Amanda her chastity belt back and jump his bones already!
Social worker: I'm seeeeeecretly working for the Mysterious Logo Cult!
Mysterious Logo Cult: Hey, he didn't respond to our IM! Let's get even MORE stalker-ish!
Amanda: *knock knock*
Kyle: Dude! Enough with the window action! What part of "I'm grounded" don't you girls understand?

Ah, I love when things just keep getting crazier and crazier. Though in the next episode, it seems like Amanda will continue to develop Annoying Girlfriend Syndrome and not leave Kyle alone for more than 2 seconds, AND subtly bug him to tell her his deep dark seeeecret. And either Adam or Tom will return. Or both. And Jessie just keeps getting bitchier and bitchier... I think Amanda's mom should trade Amanda for Jessie, and she can train Jessie in the ways of Bitchiness, and Amanda can go live with that Mysterious Logo Cult guy who has no clue how to be a parent but at least won't oppress her until she snaps. Also, Andy has been missing from the last 2 episodes. I hope she comes back next week, even if she's all bald and pukey and manipulating everyone with the "I have cancer, so feel sorry for me and give me what I want" thing.

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