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what the fuck, it's 10 pm, why are sorority girls running around screaming on a wednesday night? bleh i hate the 4th floor, even if i do have a single with an awesome ceiling.

ben sat with me at dinner (dinner was depressing as usual, and it gave me heartburn), and we had an interesting talk. we talked about what we're probably going to be like when we're old and how we'd scare our daughter's boyfriends. and at the golem meeting we didn't do critiques, we colored posters and talked. emily said she wants me to get married just to see what kind of weird wedding i'd have. so i promptly asked ben to marry me. he said he'd have to get back to me on it. i like randomly proposing to people, especially if i've just met them. it always catches them off-guard. i think if i ever do get married, i'll probably either marry a midget or some really tall, skinny guy (so we can go on maury's "opposites attract" episodes). of course, 90% of guys i know are complete assholes, and the decent ones are either gay or just treat me as a friend. well, that's all right. i want someone who's intelligent, drug/alcohol/tobacco/marijuana/etc.-free, isn't guided by genitalia/hormones, and chivalrous. i really don't care about appearances or gender. just be clean and nice. and 18-24. but i can wait, i've been single all my life (except maybe 1st grade hehehe), i'm not dying from lack of romance or anything like SOME people. i'm just too shy to make a move on anyone. i drop subtle and sometimes bizarre hints, but nobody picks up on them, and if anyone is doing the same to me, i'm oblivious. yeah, proposing to ben was pretty bizarre and not very subtle, but i'm like that. it was supposed to be a joke, and he realized that. though i do kinda like him... he's very interesting. he cracks me up. and he's intelligent and kinda prudish. that's good. and if ANY of you reading this happen to know who i'm talking about (ummm, i really only know a couple people from allegheny on here, i don't know how many actually read my journal...), i wouldn't recommend telling ben unless you want to embarrass me, and even then i wouldn't recommend it unless you want a pineapple shoved up your let's-not-go-there. but i doubt anyone here would hint anything to him anyway. meanwhile, i always hide stuff like this so i never get ANYWHERE because i'm a social retard... ah well.

anyway, why does the heater always smell funny when it decides to work? and why have i been ranting about the heater in just about every post i've made this week? seriously, the heater has issues.

oh yeah, i was going to go to bed early tonight, wasn't i? i guess i should put the clean sheets on my bed and go night-night then.

night night!

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