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I had another strange and kind of amusing dream last night. Apparently I had just bought a house, but it was different than the one I'm buying. It was a townhouse that was in this block of four townhouses, two on each side back-to-back, mine was out in front, and there was a parking lot out back. For some reason I was taking a shower behind my car, in the parking lot. I have no idea why I would ever stand naked outside in a parking lot or why there was a shower head there, but apparently it seemed like a good idea in the dream. My car was kind of perpendicular to the doors of the back townhouses, and a woman came out of the closest door. I ducked into the back seat of my car and hoped she wouldn't notice me, but she came around to the back of my car and peered in the open door, where I was scrunched into kind of a fetal position, covering myself. She acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and told me to come to her house for dinner. She was this asian woman in probably her 40s (for some reason, I assumed she was Korean, even though she was offering me Chinese food), and she mentioned making shrimp. She had a rather deadpan tone and expression and was very matter-of-fact about things. For some reason, she kind of creeped me out. I told her I'd dry off, put on some clothes, and then be over. My memory of the next part is a bit fuzzy, but I think I ended up going and eating some appetizers at her house but not the shrimp. I suddenly remembered that I had already made plans to eat with 2 other people (separately), and when she went into the kitchen, I left and went back to my house. For some reason, when I bought the house, Francesca was living there, and I walked in and made some excuse about going out to get shrimp for dinner, because I was supposed to eat with her and apparently had conflicting plans with another random person too. The doorbell rang, and it was creepy asian lady. She said the shrimp was ready, so I went back to her house. I walked in and saw this guy who was maybe in his 30s and either black or asian (or both - just not white, that was all I could remember) come down the stairs. At first I thought he was her husband, but then I realized that she was secretly a demon, and he was her human slave. I then realized that this was a Runescape quest, only in real life, and I should have brought weapons, armor, and food to heal myself, because I'd probably have to fight the demon. But if I died, I would simply lose most of my items, respawn, and have roughly 4-5 minutes to run back and loot my tombstone (this probably doesn't make sense, since most if not all of the people reading this don't play Runescape). Demon asian lady came down and told me to get the "steak rinser." I wondered what the heck a steak rinser was, but I figured you could easily rinse a steak with a glass of water. There was another kitchen on the downstairs level, so I filled a glass of water and opened my pocketknife scissors, in case I needed them. There were a couple steaks lying around, but they were kind of thin and looked like the kind they serve at cafeterias and lower-class diners, and they were the color of chicken. I got out a knife and started cutting one into strips on a plate. I dropped a couple on the floor, so I rinsed them off in the sink. I brought the plate of steak strips and the glass of water upstairs, kind of hiding the knife and my scissors behind my back. I knew she would probably attack soon. The slave guy and I held out our glasses, I prepared to use my knife if necessary, and then... my alarm went off. I immediately thought, "steak rinser?!?!" Ah, I never got to slay the creepy asian demon lady or find out why she needed her steak rinsed. Oh well.

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