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When I went home for lunch today, I looked through my cupboards to see if I had any crackers to go with my soup. I didn't find any, but I did see some interesting things. In one of the bottom cupboards, I had half a bag of onions and half a bag of potatoes. Well, apparently I hadn't looked in that cabinet for a while, because there were tall green shoots sprouting from the onions, and long white thingies sprouting from the potatoes (I assume they're the stalks - I don't actually know what an above-ground potato plant looks like, aside from how they appear on Runescape, since I've never personally grown them and only helped harvest potatoes once, when the soil had already been tilled or whatever they did to it). Ahahaha, I have an accidental vegetable garden in my cupboard. Once I move, I think I'll plant them all outside at the new place. I may end up with bigger onions and extra potatoes!

Eh, I do need to go through my cupboards and the fridge though. I'm going to try and eat up as many of the still-good canned or boxed things and only stock the fridge and freezer with things I'll eat in the next few weeks.
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