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I think the chaos gods are enjoying themselves. So, yesterday evening, the new owner of my rental house was fixing some plumbing over at the other house on the property and asked me if he could turn my water valve off, since they're connected. No problem, I said. He pinballed back and forth between the houses for a while, then told me that both water valves are pretty much shot, and he'd have to replace them today. He offered to steal some water for me, but I said no thanks and just went over to my mom's after Kyle XY (which was a FABULOUS episode, by the bye, and I KNEW IT! TWICE!). When I went over, they were watching a special about Champ (the Lake Champlain monster), which was cool, especially because they picked up some weird beluga-like sonar in Button Bay, which isn't too far from my family's cottage (and I've been to that area a bajillion times - no Champ sightings for me though).

This morning, I started my car and brushed the snow off, then discovered I had accidentally locked the keys in (probably because I started from the passenger side while putting my stuff in the car), the spare key had fallen from its hiding spot (it does that all the time - I'm going to have to find a better, non-prone-to-scraping spot and get some more hardcore duct tape), and my mom couldn't find the one I gave her years ago, so we had to call AAA, and they came and unlocked it. After work, I'm going to Lowe's and having like 3 extra copies made. But this was also when my mom was expecting the carpet installers, and there was a 2-hour delay so Katie and Jesse were around, and Jesse was sick, and so forth. When my mom and I were talking about how everything always happens at once, I started singing "always look on the bright side of life." And then of course when I finally got into my car and drove to work, I turned on the CD player and that song was playing (I've had the Spamalot soundtrack pretty much on loop for weeks now). How very appropriate.

Well, hopefully by the time I get home, the water will be working again, and I can get cracking on tackling the stuff in the basement. Weeee.

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