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I got the house inspected yesterday. There were a few issues, of course, but nothing that can't be fixed, and I'm going to ask the seller to fix the major ones. Unless the radon and mold tests come back saying there's a big health hazard or something, I'm going to go ahead with this and see if I can actually pull off buying a house. The inspector was very thorough and detailed, so that was good. Most of the things he found were relatively minor and easy/inexpensive to fix, but they need to install a flue liner and deal with bulging under the front porch. And there's no rat problem! Yay! There was some rat poison in this teeny, barely-accessible attic area, but no evidence of rats, although according to the disclosure sheet, there was a mouse extermination last spring.

At one point, we were in the master bedroom area. The inspector looked at the pink-striped walls and said, "Someone went to a lot of trouble to paint these walls like this. I hope you appreciate that." I just smirked and said, "I'd paint over them immediately. I hate pink." Also, the dark brown walls in the living room and the ugly, peeling wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom desperately need a change. There are indeed bunnehs next door, I saw an old man go out to the storage shed and then dump a can of somethingorother in the hutch, and a big white bunneh was hopping around inside. BUNNEH! Oh yeah, and there's a huge storage shed out back. I couldn't go inside, since there was a lock on the door, but I could definitely stash the lawnmower and a ton of other crap in there. The shed is like the size of the kitchen. This place has a crapload of storage places, and there are closets everywhere. There's even a good-sized extra storage room with built-in shelves in the basement, though that's where the bulging porch wall is, and they need to fix that. I need all the storage space I can get, since I'm a terrible pack rat.

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