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Home movies are always hilarious. Even when they depict not-so-flattering things. Especially when they depict not-so-flattering things.

We were watching this video of the Spring Fling when I was in 2nd grade in a new school in Florida. I displayed a clear lack of rhythm in the choreographed dances we had to perform and also a clear lack of dancing skills in my bouncy chicken style. But the part I laughed the hardest at was something I'm glad I don't actually remember. I was walking toward my dad, who was filming, and this group of kids walked by and just PLOWED over me. So I got up, continued walking, and then this other group of kids walked by, bumping me out of the way, and wouldn't let me get through. Finally I reached the camera, rubbed my arm, and looked very disgruntled. I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching it, even though I was clearly miserable in the video. But I think it's funny because that's always how it's been for me. Being the absurdly short girl, I'm used to getting plowed over, ignored by crowds, and having a hard time squeezing through people without getting injured. I think that's one reason I hate crowds and cities and really hated junior high and high school, with the morons that would stand around clogging the hallways between classes and would ignore the teeny person saying "excuse me!" and trying to squeeze by. I do realize that the best way to combat this is by being loud and using elbows liberally, but at least people were more considerate once I got to college. I got plowed over a lot less in college, that's for sure.

I do love being a pint-sized munchkin. And people will leave you alone if you use your elbows. I've stopped sexual harassment in its tracks on several occasions with a firm jab to the ribcage. And I remember one time in high school, my friend Kathy said, "Don't you hate when you're walking down the hall and someone elbows you in the boob?" I replied, "Well, I get elbowed in the head..."

In other news, I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Of course, that's because we're going to The Olive Garden for lunch, but it's still a reason to get up in the morning.

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