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wow, what an amazing halloween. and it ain't over yet, because i still haven't done ritual, and i'm NOT going to bed until i do. what kind of wiccan obsesses over halloween and then skimps out on the religious celebration? i have a pomegranate and everything. hopefully i won't sleep too late tomorrow morning and i can make it to my classes. no napping until 2:30, then i have to be awake to go to games night and anime night. but i had a lot of fun today dressed as a nun (with a ruler and a pentacle), and i got tons of compliments.

so here was my amazing day:

after i woke up, i put on my costume, had breakfast, and went to art. ally and i figured out what we're doing for the project, and we made plans to go shopping on saturday for the stuff we need. we hung up some green paper. yay. afterwards, i had lunch, took a shower, then went to film and saw "blue velvet." it was bizarre and disturbing, and i didn't really like it. it was funny how tacky parts of it were, though. after that i had dinner, and i was treated to the view of several argo folks in costume, even DRAG. what was even funnier was that evil thom had realistic-looking boobs, and that's hard for a guy to accomplish. when he passed me sitting alone as usual, he said, "ade hates us!" he's so silly... anyway, after that i went to fencing (en garbe hehehe), but i took off the costume to fence (YES, i was wearing regular clothing underneath!). then i met up with morgan and we went to the agp house for the costume party. there weren't many people there (there was a big party at the eco house, and most people were there), but it was still fun. i was quiet at first, but then i really got into it. i was even singing and dancing around with the others. and chris had such an amazing drag costume, it was hysterical. he was wearing this tiny bra (made for a 13-year-old, basically), tight shorts, and a thong over the shorts, along with a big, amazing leopard cape. it was so great, his man-boobs were busting out of the bra, and his big belly was hanging out. wow. finally at midnight, we watched rocky horror, and i sang along with all the songs and did the time warp and everything. woohoo! i finally got back here after 2 am. i'm really tired, but i'm happy, and after ritual, i'm donning the pjs and going to BED! this nun costume was really worth it. it makes me so happy, and everyone complimented me on it. and i didn't offend any catholics (that i know of). go me!

samhain calls. i must be off. goodnight, and happy halloween!

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