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- Before anyone asks for the millionth time, I still don't know when I'm going to move. Sometime in the next month or so. No date set yet. I still have to finalize some things. I'll definitely be moving out of my current place at the end of the month though. I'm probably going to end up stashing my junk in my mom's basement or something for a couple weeks. Weee. I'm glad to just be moving, anyway.

- They closed down Tiger Ranch on Friday. Evidently they removed like 700 cats from the shelter, and there were a whole bunch of dead/dying cats there too. Ugh. On one hand, I can understand that the woman had good intentions but got overwhelmed (cats were literally coming in by the truckload from other states), but still... that's just horrible. We got Moccasin from that shelter. I've never been there, but my mom and sis went there to get Moccasin nearly 5 years ago, when he was a teeeeeny kitten. We also took a stray there a couple years ago. He was this kitten-sized, 1-year-old deaf tabby with leukemia, and we couldn't keep him because of the risk to the other 3 cats. He was a sweet little guy, very affectionate, but very needy and loud (probably because he couldn't hear himself meow). Part of me hopes he's still alive and getting the care he needs, but after what happened... I don't know. Bah. I hate when things like this happen.

- On Saturday, I went to this Italian restaurant I'd never been to. It was really good, and apparently it was a feast of St. Joseph or some traditional Italian thing. They were giving out these little pastries that had some Italian name, but were also called "St. Joseph's Pants." And now, the punchline: So we were all having a good time until Lea dropped her pants in the parking lot in front of everyone.

- I did enjoy the season finale of Kyle XY last night, but they keep ending on cliffhangers, and it's an agonizing wait between seasons. Ack, what am I going to do on Monday nights now? Noooo, now I have nothing to look forward to! I guess I'll have to get a life or something.

- I saw "Horton Hears a Who." I liked it, although they threw in a bunch of random modern references that were really out of place (the previews emphasized them, making the movie seem shallow and stupid, when there was a much deeper message to it). It was really well-made and stayed fairly true to Dr. Seuss in many ways (though they could have done without the random crazy anime sequence and the pop culture references that kids watching the movie 10 years from now may not understand). And I liked the mayor's little emo son. He was all, "I'm gonna sulk all day and not talk to anyone and go off and build crazy things when nobody is looking." Hee. Also, there is this fluffy yellow creature named Katie who is disturbingly like my sister, in that sorta brain-dead, saying-random-and-ridiculous-things sort of way. Aaaaand, of course, it featured my favorite Dr. Seuss quote, "A person's a person, no matter how small."

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