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I must be getting old. And/or even dweebier. I'm on hold right now, trying to disconnect my tv/internet service, and I'm totally grooving along to the hold music, even though the quality is crappy as hell, like trying to listen to the radio while boating on Lake Champlain or something. Heh. Anyway, I just disconnected the service. Woot. Progress. I think I just need to disconnect the gas and electric services and change my address and stuff. Still so much crap to either pack or pitch. I finally threw away the moldy, slightly burnt card table I got in college too.

I was buying rat food after work, and I ran into this lady who goes to my mom's church. I run into her everywhere, yet I have no idea what her name is. And she always tells me to tell my mom she said hi, so it's hard to relay the message. "Uh, I saw Whatshername the blond church lady today, I think she might have been one of the people at that dinner group that one time, the one whose husband likes Tori Amos... was that her? She said hi." There are all these blond ladies in Murrysville, and I always get them mixed up and never remember their names or how they know my mom. Anyway, I also find it hilarious that people still ask me how school is going when I graduated almost 3 years ago. I guess I'll take that as a compliment. I can't be THAT old if people still think I'm in college, even if I try really hard not to burst out in song with the hold music because I just KNOW the customer service person will pick up and be assaulted with my horrendous singing.

Hoo boy. The next week is full of chaos everywhere.

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