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awwww, i just got an email from my mom, and she said, "Elli said to tell big gummi bear, "I love you." that's so cute, i miss my little gummi bear! and i think this is their last year in the states before they head back to sweden. *sigh*

wooooo i'm tired. i got about 5 hours of sleep last night. i'm probably going to have a shower pretty soon and then take a nap since i don't have anything planned until 6 (except dinner and homework). then there's games night and then some haunted junction action, so tonight should be pretty fun. tomorrow i need to go shopping with ally for our art stuff, but other than that i have nothing planned (for once), so i'll make myself get some work done. i need to finish "the faerie queene" and study it for the quiz on monday, and i should work on the paper due friday too. and i need to read a bunch of psych chapters for the exam on wednesday and tackle all the film articles and chapters i've been forgetting to do. i really need motivation. i'm so lazy.

now to find out the postage rates for canadian mail... woohoo... pomegranates are yummy. i'm munching on one now.

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