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WANT! I need this panda skillet. If I had $75 to spare and had already moved and painted and bought more furniture, I'd totally get it. It's perfect for sauteeing cheerleaders bamboo.

Also, I moved the ratties over to my mom's today. They were good and didn't kill themselves while I was singing in the car or anything. Tomorrow, we move furniture and a lot of boxes and stuff, and Sunday, I can get whatever is left and clean. Weeeee. Craziness. Well, at least it will be over in a few days. Then I can do it all over again when I move to the new house! WEEEEE! Although several of my friends offered to help me move then, because they're awesome, and I should bake them pies or something. Or take them to Zaiaka. Or both. Gahhhh, is it final settlement time yet? Want own house! So much to do, so little time.

Is it over yet? IS IT OVER YET?!?!?!

i can has panda skillet nao plz?

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