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Well, this is hard for me to write, but I might as well spit it out. I think I'm pregnant.

And if that wasn't fun enough, I'm not sure who the father is. Well, I hear there's a new over-the-counter pregnancy test available, which may soon put Maury out of work. I should still try to get on that show though... I do love those "whomybabydaddy" episodes, and I think it would be fun to scream at two or three of the potential fathers and flash the camera and stuff.

Well, I guess I'll have to confront my partners and see how they react. I'm pretty sure that Kyle would be the best father out of all of them. He's sweet and caring, although his girlfriend will totally flip when she finds out, especially since her last boyfriend was a total slut. I hope he's the father. But if not, I guess Aragorn would be the next best. And it would be nice to raise a little prince or princess. I'd be a little worried if Optimus Prime was the father though. I'd be wandering around the nursery saying "Ade Jr., where are you?" and then I'd get plowed over by a Cozy Coupe.

Alas. I know not what to do.
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