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Writer's Block: Family Matters

Yesterday my mom and I went into Pittsburgh and went to Trader Joe's and Natural Stitches. I'd never been to either store, but I liked them. Natural Stitches is awesome. One giant yarngasm. I only let myself go a leetle bit crazy, since I'm moving soon, but I got some cool stuff. Mmm, delicious yarn. I'll have to go back, once I have my new craft room set up. One can never have too much yarn, right? ...Right? (nevermind that I'm already bringing mass amounts of yarn with me)

Also, the closing date is moved up to the 15th, so I'll be getting some shiny new keys next Tuesday and plunking down a ridiculous amount of money. Weeee! And then, the following weekend (April 18-20), I'll be moving into the new house. Hooray! I'm excited. I'm probably going to paint the rooms in ridiculously bright colors, and then I can have fun getting new furniture and stuff. I'll *try* not to plunge into horrible debt.

What is your "role" in your family?

I guess it depends on my relationships with various family members. I think most of my family sees me as an eccentric recluse with a very strong inner child. I mean, I'm not particularly close to my family, and there's no affection or anything. I get along well with some people, not so well with others, and fairly neutral with most of them. It's a personality thing, I guess. Well, my little cousins consider me a playmate/jungle gym, anyway, and that's just fine with me. It's like I'm old enough to be a grownup, only I'm more fun to play with than grownups, and I'm silly and imaginative. I'm sure the grownups in the family think I'm immature and all, but I don't care. I'm probably the weirdest person in my entire family, and I do mean that. I'm pretty sure my family would agree, although those that don't know me very well might say "oh no, you're not weird," as if "weird" was a bad thing. Well, I consider it a good thing. Yes, I'm different. Yes, my brain works in a different way. But you know what? I'm all right. I function just fine, and if weird people didn't exist, not only would society be very boring, but we'd probably still be stuck in the stone age. I'm certainly not the only weirdo in my family, I'm just a different kind of weird. And I like it.
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