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Writer's Block: My Secret Identity

Describe your different personas.

Being the nerd I am, this prompt made me immediately think of SCA personas. And being that I'm still kind of a noob (I've sporadically attended events for roughly 8 years but finally joined last summer and will be more active once I get past my social ineptitude and attend some local events. I'm on my barony's mailing list, I just have to actually jump in and go to some things and meet my neighbors.), I haven't fully developed my personas yet. Yeah, I want two of them.

I think my main persona will be 16th century English, as I'm familiar with the time period thanks to a MILLION English classes, especially focusing on medieval/renaissance British and French lit, and quite a lot of class discussions on Elizabeth and Bloody Mary and Henry the pimp daddy wifeslayer and so forth. I'm a crazy hermit girl. I ran away to live in a little hut in the woods (it was either marriage or becoming a nun, and as much as I love nuns, I'd be excommunicated within 3 seconds) when I was a young teenager, and I have chickens and cats and stuff. The thing is, I don't know what my name is. I keep thinking I should go with Annie Cunningham, because it combines the names of two of my main story characters, and I could easily document it and stuff. Then again, it seems a little weird to do something like that, and it's hardly an exciting name. *shrugs* At least people could pronounce it, anyway. I look at half the names people choose and just know I'll butcher them. Anyway, I've had the character aspect in mind for ages though, and I actually got into an argument with Nick at one point about what I would do if I lived back then, and he told me I'd never survive on my own in the woods. Ah, ye of little faith. You underestimate me.

My other persona is completely different, and it was an idea I had upon going to Pennsic and finding out that some people go Indian. This will definitely require more research. Well, I'm probably from the south, and... I don't know what I do. I don't know what my options are. But if I can find out more about naming practices whenever I lived, I want to see if I could be called Nandini. Um, yes, I did get that from a Bollywood movie, but I like it. And in Hindu mythology, Nandini is the name of a wish-granting cow. Hee.

Well, in non-SCAdian terms, my default persona is this weird little girl named Ade. She's ridiculously short, and she spends way too much time playing Runescape. She writes stuff and has a job and is buying a house in a week and a day and is getting really hungry and should probably go eat dinner now. And then get off the computer for a while and do some knitting.
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