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Last night, I dreamed that I was in this store, looking at dollhouse furniture or something. There were these weird outdoor washing thingies that were bright red, like little bathtubs or sinks that went outside for some reason, only miniaturized. One was an animal washer or something, and this sedated golden retriever appeared on its side, and they doused it in water. No idea why they sedated it before washing it, but oh well. Then I was suddenly in a pet store, and the golden retriever was lying on a shelf. The sedative was starting to wear off. I was talking to the pet store employee about her, and he was saying that I could buy her for $130. But he was saying that golden retrievers are aggressive and cannibalistic, though this one was apparently all right (yeah, aggressive and cannibalistic... because golden retrievers are totally like that...). So I was looking through some papers, thinking "Wait a minute... what am I doing? I can't get a dog right now! I'm moving soon, and I was going to get another cat, and I can't handle a dog at this point..." I mean, I love golden retrievers, they're awesome, but I can't take care of one right now. I was looking at some of the other animals, and there was this rat that kind of looked like Emeril, only it had some black on its back. It was walking around with this wheeled toy, like it would stick its head and paws in holes in the toy and just walk around. The weird thing was, it would point its tail in a straight line, kind of upwards.

And that was my dream. Curses, now I want a dog. No, Ade. No. You're not getting a dog. You're only obsessively scouring Petfinder for Maine Coons, got it? You can look at the pretty pictures all you want, but you can't get a dog right now. Maybe in a few years, but not now. And no, you're not getting a bunny either. Cats!

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