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I went to the conservatory yesterday. I hadn't been in years, but they had some neat vegetation there. I also saw Mrs. Almgren, who I hadn't seen since those crazy AFS days in high school when she'd organize those escapades with exchange students. It was a nice surprise. At that point, I was wandering around this Thai exhibit, and she was there with these two Thai girls since their mom was in China, and by the time we left the conservatory, my dad and I were seriously craving Thai food. So we got some in Squirrel Hill, and it was awesome. Mmm.

So now I'm all nostalgic about those fun times in AFS. The first time I ever had Indian food, we went to India Garden in Monroeville, and I think I ended up having some type of biryani (all I remember was the dish had a lot of rice in it) and gulab jamun. I didn't get hooked on Indian food until later, when I was in college and had more friends who were into Indian food (plus making pilgrimages to India Garden and the Udipi Cafe with Megan whenever we were both in town), but I'll always remember my First Time. Ah, it makes me nostalgic for back in the days when India Garden was an awesome restaurant, before it turned to crap and I had to "break up" with it.

Dagnabbit... now I want Indian food, and I can still feel the happy burning in my belly from the leftover Thai food I had for lunch. Curses!

So I'll change the subject (especially now that I've probably made several of you hungry for Indian food).

Tonight, I'm doing the final walk-through of the house, and tomorrow afternoon, I finally close on the sucker. In 24 hours, I will plunk down an absurd amount of money, and then I'll have a house of my very own! I got some of those paint cards so I can figure out what colors to paint the rooms. I'm starting out with the living room and guest bedroom, since the living room has one big poop-brown wall, and the guest bedroom has pink stipes, which is just inexcusable in MY house. I'm thinking a medium-ish blue for the living room and bright or medium green for the guest room. I'm going to get those rooms painted before the big move on Saturday, and then in a few weeks once I've settled in, I'm tearing down the ugly peeling wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom and painting them. And yes, Megan, there will be pictures. I'll take some in the next few days and then hunt around in the 8 million boxes of stuff for the camera cable. At least I know where I put my camera...

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