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Well, folks, I'm a homeowner now. I have a whole freakin' house, plus a nice yard and storage shed, all to myself. Wow. Look at me, being all accomplished, like I'm a person or something. I might not be quite so proud once the money wiring transfer goes through and I realize I'm nearly broke and need to pay for furniture and a few repairs and stuff, but for now, I am basking in my own glory. I bought a house. And all before my 25th birthday too. I rock.

Also, I just wanted to say that I agree with Obama's comment about small town Pennsylvanians being bitter and clinging to guns and religion and so forth. I mean, I may come from the bubble of upper middle class, white, Republican Murrysville, but I did spend 5 years in Meadville, and I've worked light industrial jobs there and around Murrysville, and people are definitely bitter. A few years ago, while I was doing fire cleanup, I had some interesting conversations with some of my coworkers. One man was really bitter about pretty much being screwed by the government, while his job jerked him around and he was trying to get by and also pay off a DUI fine and child support on $6 an hour. Sure, he obviously made some stupid decisions, but he was mostly bitter at the government for failing him. Another woman was a mother of three and had been laid off from her job. I don't remember exactly what her former profession was, but she had been in the navy, and she was bitter about the lack of good job opportunities available. You can't raise 3 kids on $6 an hour, and going from whatever she was doing to scrubbing ash off window blinds was really a harsh change. Fortunately, her oldest daughter was old enough to take care of her son and baby daughter while she worked, but at other jobs I've had, some of the women were bitter that their babysitters made more than they did. I don't know how much these people clung to religion or guns, but I do know that there's a pretty large population of fundies in Meadville. And I see it elsewhere in the state too, even if I'm stopping at a gas station or restaurant on my way somewhere else. I'm always eavesdropping on random people's conversations in public. And a lot of small town Pennsylvanians are bitter.

So thanks, Obama, for telling the truth. You may get bitched at for it, but at least you're the one candidate with the balls to speak the truth, as "clumsily-worded" as it may be. People might not like the truth, but that's how it is. Please, please, PLEASE come through with the change you've promised. Because that's what this country badly needs. The system isn't working for most of the population. You understand what the situation is and what's wrong with this country. I just hope enough people will believe in you, and will be willing to help you bring about the change you've promised. Sometimes change starts at the top, but we all need to pitch in to get this country back on its feet.

Sometimes, having your own garage door opener makes all the difference. (Seriously, I get all excited every time I press the button.)

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