Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

i also did a MASH thing a few weeks ago and got this, i found it amusing...

You live in a Shack. (how about a trailer instead?)
You're married to BOB. (the almighty bob!)
You drive a hot wheels toilet car. (they make them, and i found one once and bought it because it was so weird and awesome!)
Your car is the color puce. (ugly color, but the word rocks!)
You live in the state south carolina. (with grandma, barb, sam, kara, and danny!)
Your honeymoon is england. (coolness!)
Your occupation is a girl in a cheese suit. (hahahaaaaaaaa!)
You have this many kids: 4 (3 male; 1 female). (nonono, i don't want more than 1 kid, and i only want a little girl!)

speaking of NC, my dad is going there this week to do something for his brother-in-law's company. he's staying with grandma. i wanna go visit them too! grandma and little cousin kara are my favorite relatives! and i wanna meet danny!
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