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Well, I'm moved into the house now. I have almost all my crap there, and now I'm figuring out where to put everything. Ben and Laura came to help, because they're awesome (especially since Ben drove all the way from Virginia), and my dad, Katie, and Jesse were there too. I also got to see Jess later on, and some of us went to Zaiaka. I was so exhausted that I pretty much collapsed in bed after everyone left. Right now, I'm not moving stuff into the bedrooms, since I'm having the upstairs hardwood floors refinished in like a week and a half or something (I forget when they said they were coming... I should probably find out...), and I have to put a second coat of paint in the ridiculously bright greeeeeen room. So all my stuff is scattered everywhere but the bedrooms, and my bed is in the dining room right now.

I ordered Verizon FiOs service, but the earliest installation appointment I could get was May 27. So I guess I'm limited to whatever wireless I can pick up (I've found that there's a weak signal nearby that doesn't really work by day but provides some internet at night). *sigh* I guess I'll have to take a bit of a break from Runescape for a while... and do productive things like set up my house...

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