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My sister wants me to clear my stuff out of my old room so she can use it, but I'm holding off on taking things because of the mass quantities of stuff in my garage that I need to sort and put away. Of course, I don't have a place for a lot of the things yet, since I'm not putting things in my bedroom or the craft room until they refinish the floors. I did do a wee bit of "excavating" though. Going through my room at my mom's house is like an archaeological expedition. And my sister doesn't understand the significance of things and actually wanted to throw away some of my old artwork and boxes of papers I haven't gone through since high school (most of them contain old stories, musicals, sketchbooks, notes to friends, etc., which I will NOT throw away). But anyway, I found some fun things, like a dream journal I kept when I was 16 (my writing style was/is evidently very random and erratic, and I'm pretty sure half the stuff in there would only make sense to me, and perhaps close friends). I also found this photo album from the end of my freshman year of college through part of sophomore year, mainly pictures from the summer (including the first year of Alpha!). I should frame some of them. Ah, nostalgia.

So it's voting day here in PA, and I'm going to go vote after work. I just found out where Gateway Middle School is yesterday, even though I've driven past it hundreds of times, so I guess I'll be heading there to vote. I've never actually gone to a voting place to vote before. I've never participated in a primary (I'm independent, but this time I registered as a Democrat so I could vote in the primary since I actually care this time around), and I used an absentee ballot in the last presidential election, since I was away at college at the time. But I'm excited. I read an article yesterday that talked about how important single woman voters are, since they represent roughly a quarter of voters in this state, and they care about the issues that actually matter, like jobs and healthcare and stuff. Woot, go single women!

Last night, I dreamed that for some reason, I was near that FLDS ranch in Texas, and I was talking to some of the women and girls there. We weren't actually talking about the crazy ordeal going on, more like what it was like to live in that area. There was this fenced-off field of mud there, and I put on some boots and went stomping around in there for some reason. Then I was with my mom, in this big store, like Target or something. I suddenly found out that Obama was speaking in the store. So I went over to the assembly and sat on a bench there. For some reason, I was wearing this hat I had apparently knit myself, in some crazy colors with a rolled brim. I don't even remember what Obama was talking about, but occasionally he'd glance over at me, and I kept taking pictures of him with my cell phone, even though most of them didn't turn out well. I apparently also had a video of him randomly dancing outside the store, which was pretty amusing. A couple of random acquaintances were there too, and for some reason, I kept looking up at these lights they had in the store, with really long, thick pull-chains. I really wanted to swing on the chains like they were jungle vines, but I worried about getting in trouble. So I went off to another part of the store and started swinging on the light chains above the aisles like I was a jungle girl. It was a lot of fun, even though I knew that eventually I'd get yelled at and kicked out of the store, and Obama wouldn't be impressed with my mad vine-swinging skillz.

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