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I bought a new dresser yesterday. And it's REAL furniture too, not like the cheap crappy stuff I've bought in the past. It cost me roughly the equivalent of a month's mortgage payment (which isn't actually that bad, in terms of both the dresser and mortgage), but it's nice and will actually last. I got one of those low ones with two columns of drawers, since the walls of my bedroom start to slope upwards about 4 feet off the ground. It comes with a mirror, which I'll probably hang somewhere else, since I wouldn't be able to prop it against the wall without it falling over and crashing and making a huge mess. And it's pretty. So hooray for not having to keep my clothes in a cheap, falling-apart piece of crap! Right now, my clean clothes are piled on top of the dryer in the basement or in big plastic containers in the garage, but soon! They will have a home! Hmmm... it's supposed to be delivered around the time the people are refinishing the floors... maybe they can put it downstairs until the floors are ok, and then I can get Jesse and one of his other big burly football friends to carry it upstairs. We're going to have to move the bed and stuff up there anyway.

Also, lugging a cheap, crappy, very broken dresser out to the curb by yourself is an interesting experience. I was considering pitching it when I moved out of the rental house (along with some other crappy, broken furniture), but I figured I could put it in the craft room and get a new dresser for clothes, but then it just fell apart when we were unloading it at the new place, so that was that. Ah well. Good riddance, I suppose.

So I'm settling in, getting to know the house and its quirks. My sister and I gave some of my new neighbors Flavor Flav nicknames (on one side, there's "Silent Hi," and two doors down there's "Naked Guy," who I've never seen wear a shirt). The only neighbor I've actually talked to so far is my next-door neighbor Leroy, who is nice and has bunnies. It seems like a nice neighborhood, and there's a significant older population, which is good, because, yanno, my neighbors are less likely to be smoking crack on their front porches with their ghetto blasters and pimping in front of my house. Also, in the area surrounding my neighborhood, there's a synagogue, the fire department, an assisted living center, and an autism society. So my neighbors are also geriatric, autistic, Jewish firemen. Hmmm... interesting.

And there's totally a Harry Potter room under the basement stairs. It's more of a storage closet than a cupboard, but I'm still calling it Harry's room.

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