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laura just corrupted me again. never ever ever go to and do NOT look at the pictures, they're so horrifying i'm going to have nightmares and i'll be scarred for life. *sigh* anyway, i was going to write about how happy i WAS 10 minutes ago. so yesterday i actually did stuff in the afternoon, i went to an argo meeting, then to dinner, then fencing, then the writing group (phew!). during the writing group they played music and i wrote out this fantasy-type thing, then after much debate, we watched "the dark crystal." good movie. on the way back, i walked with jen and anne and this guy whose name i managed to forget, and anne mentioned "into the woods" and since i loooooove that musical, i started reciting "in the past" and they joined in and it was just amazing. when i got back, carrie said "where the hell were you?" jeesh, this is only the 3rd time this year i've come back from somewhere after midnight and she's always out and i never bug her. humph. ah well. i only got 6 hours of sleep.
i also got accepted into "phenomenal women of the web" so i'm happy. i'll update my site in the next week, but for the next couple days i'll be busy with schoolwork, packing to go home friday, and making sure i spend a lot of time with my friends while home.
oy. but my dill seeds are sprouting and growing bigger each day so i'm happy that i'm a plant mommy! it'll give me something to nurture and take care of since non-fish pets aren't allowed and i don't want a fish even though i bonded well with deirdre and nikki's fish...
ahhhh me life...

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