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i was just at dinner and the kappa alpha theta girls were all there, dressed in black. "hmmm," i thought, "they all look like they're going to a funeral." well, they're having initiation tonight (i know this because i live on the floor with the sorority suites and they've asked us to stay out of the halls tonight), so that explains why they're all dressed the same. but carrie is a theta, so i won't talk about why i don't care for sororities. anyway, this girl in my psych group saw me and asked if i was the one who made the hedwig doll (she saw my project in the campus center). she said she really liked it, and i told her to go ahead and play with the dolls. that made me very happy that my project has been so appreciated after i worked my ass off on it (hey, if anyone sees my ass walking all by itself somewhere, tell it to come home because i need something to sit on). i guess i have the reputation of being a hedwig fanatic now. woohoo! *dances*

in 10 minutes i'm going art shopping with ally. i think giant eagle will be the only place open, but we can get most of the stuff we need there. on tuesday we get to carry my mannequin down 3 flights of stairs and across campus! thank goodness she's dismemberable (ooh, fun word!). i can just see the people's faces as we walk by, carrying the body parts of an anthropomorphic (another fun word!) plastic thing. hahahaaa! i hope nobody has defaced the green paper we put up on the wall.

bye bye!

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