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I had a dream that John put on this magical black leotard with frilly red sleeves and turned into a skeleton. Except his skeleton looked like it was part bird or something. But then he started dancing, and I was following along, copying his movements. I don't remember what music was playing in the background. Now that I'm awake, I'm thinking Michael Jackson's "Thriller," but I don't know if that was actually playing in the dream. Anyway, I guess after John took off the magical leotard, he reverted to his flesh-covered non-bird self. And then I had to take a final or something at Allegheny down the hill in some room that was simultaneously outside and inside. I was running out of time and knew I wouldn't make it on time if I walked, so I hopped on this motorized shopping cart and rode down the hill on it. Only the thing was ridiculously loud and kept spitting smoke everywhere, so by the time I got to the final and rode down the center of the room and parked my shopping cart in the corner, everyone was staring at me, and I worried that I'd fail. The professor looked like a very stereotypical, uptight teacher (tall, thin, dark hair slicked back in a tight bun, spectacles on her nose, boring gray blouse and skirt, disapproving look). And those were my dreams. Ah, they were quite amusing and ridiculous last night. I liked the part where I was dancing with John's magical-leotard-wearing, mutant birdman skeleton.

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