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I just watched "Hairspray." Wow. I loved it. It was so awesome and fun. Hooray for short, chubby girls who redefine standards! Yay! However... I'm sorry, but John Travolta just doesn't look good in drag. And I like it when musicals are happy and fun and not depressing and don't kill off the best characters (although I do absolutely love SEVERAL musicals that do those things *cough*Rent*cough*IntotheWoods*cough*SweeneyTodd*cough*, it's just nice to see a good happy ending every so often).

See, I just posted something happy in the midst of your friends page, which is probably stocked with the same old whiny "I'm depressed" crap you're used to. You'll thank me later. Happy musicals provide a brief but satisfying escape from reality.

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