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You know, I can understand why Dude is nervous being in the new house, and I know it will pass in a few days or so, but perhaps I should have just shut him in the den room overnight. Around 2:22 am, I was dreaming about camp and how I was too old for it and even the staff members were younger, and then I suddenly realized, "hey, why is camp yowling like a cat repeatedly?" Dude was yowling at the bottom of the stairs (I guess he got tired of hiding in the den room or under the living room loveseat), so I talked him into coming up into my room. He eventually came in and stayed with me for a while, demanding attention of course, and then for the rest of the night he would alternate between hiding under my bed, standing around and yowling, and snorgling with me and demanding that I scratch him behind the ears. So I got very little sleep. It was like "Heeeeey, it's 4 am!" squared, seriously. I hope he feels a little more comfortable in the house today, otherwise he's going to have to stay in the den room at night for a while.

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