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So, today marks the 25th anniversary of darkness shrouding the earth as somewhere in Connecticut, a being of chaos and insanity was unleashed... Or something like that. Woohoo, I have maintained my reign of terror for a quarter of a century. Just think, I'm halfway to joining the Red Hat Society.

3 people showed up at my party last night, which was a semi-decent party despite the lack of people there. Well, at least whenever I take over the world and enslave the human race, I will spare Nick, Jen, and Brian. As for the rest of you, unless you had an excuse I would consider acceptable, you shall all be assigned tasks like cleaning the thousands of cat boxes in my palace, sewing loincloths for my elite guards, and organizing my jaw-droppingly spectacular and enormous yarn collection. Muhahahahahaaaaaaa.

At least it was a decent birthday, even though I was kind of in "shutdown" mode for most of the day (where I'm very quiet and generally don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere - I usually get like this after I reach a certain social threshold or have been out in public for a while). Zaiaka for lunch and Mad Mex for dinner. Mmm.
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