Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

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Dear Matt,

If you're going to "hang loose" and make the shaka on national television, do it right! It's the thumb and pinkie, not the index finger and pinkie, you stupid haole...

Dear Chef Ramsay,

Ok, seriously, what do you have against short people? Did a midget kidnap your puppy when you were a kid or something? I love you and the way you bitch at people with your accent, but every time you demean someone because of their height, I want to kick you in the crotch, you "donkey."

Also, best scene in Hell's Kitchen EVER: At the beach, Chef Ramsay picks up Jean Phillipe (who wears shorts, awww), carries him over his shoulder, and throws him in the water. Jean Phillipe goes batshit and throws towels at him, then runs over and pounces. So awesome. I love Jean Phillipe.
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