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I'm excited that there's a new season of "The Next Food Network Star." Now there are TWO reality cooking competition shows I can follow religiously, because a) I don't really have a life right now, and b) I love cooking shows, and this adds a new dimension. I wish there was an adorable gay guy this season (I miss Paul!), but maybe there is one who hasn't come out yet. Here are my spoiler-free views on this season's contestants:

Aaron: He seems ok, but doesn't really stand out for me. Well, except maybe his earrings.

Adam: He's all right, I guess. I think he's interesting, but his cooking is questionable.

Cory: In theory, I love the idea of a stand-up comedienne doing a cooking show, because food and humor are two of my favorite things, and I love cooking shows with funny hosts (Paula Deen cracks me up so much). But Cory just froze up several times, and you can't do that if you're going to be a TV star. I mean, I know many of the current stars do get nervous, but they deal with it well. Even Bobby admitted that he's always nervous, but he fakes confidence well (perhaps a little too well - I think he's a douche). I mean, Paula Deen suffered from agoraphobia for years, but you'd never guess it from watching her. Stage fright is understandable, but to be successful, you have to find ways to get past it. You'd think that Cory would have experience overcoming stage fright since she's a stand-up comedienne.

Jeffrey: I think he's an interesting guy too. I don't know if I'd watch his show, but we'll see what happens.

Jennifer: She doesn't really stand out for me.

Kelsey: She's cute and fun, and I think she's got a good shot at being a star. She does seem a little like an "overcaffeinated cheerleader" sometimes, but so far, only one episode has aired. I look forward to seeing how she progresses.

Kevin: This guy has a lot of charisma. I think he'll be popular with the ladies.

Lisa: I really don't like her at all. She's a high-strung beeyotch, and nobody seemed to like her much. Also, her whole "philosophy" is confusing and convoluted. And to top it all off, I really hate her hairdo. For some reason, I just can't stand that sharp, chin-length-with-bangs look. Something about it really bothers me. And really, you expect people to respect and like you more because you can cook in high heels and a tight skirt? You have a distinct personality, that's for sure. But it's not a likeable one.

Nipa: I think she's absolutely adorable. And I love her idea of making ethnic food accessible. I do think The Food Network could use a wider variety of ethnic cooking, and I think viewers would really respond well to something new and different. Unfortunately, the show ads make it seem like she gives up, so I'm not sure she'll make it. I hope I'm wrong, because I'd be crazy about a show featuring a cute little Indian woman making ethnic food (and not just Indian food - I want to see a variety of regions featured).

Shane: First of all, I'm impressed that this guy is so young (he's only 19) and has accomplished so much. I think it would be great to have some young blood on the channel, especially if his show appealed to younger audiences (not like a kids show or anything, although that would also be a really good idea, but something young adults would enjoy, because in recent years, a lot more younger folks are watching The Food Network). He's had a bit of a shaky start, but I think once he gets some momentum going, he'll knock the socks off of some of his older competitors.

It'll be interesting to see how this show progresses. Also, I love this line from Bob Tuschman's blog: "Note to self: in the future, do not sit between Giada DeLaurentiis and Bobby Flay. You will look like a Hobbit."

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