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Boy, it seems like nobody goes shopping after 5 on Mondays. I did a crapload of shopping yesterday, and there were no lines or anything. I could tell the cashier at Petco was ridiculously bored (and also quite obviously gay), and while I was filling in an application for their free perks card, he started telling me how he drank all these expired Diet Cokes they had and was really constipated. Hah, oh the conversations I have with random strangers... Oh, and here's something shocking. I bought a ton of new clothes. I figured it was about time, and now it will get my parents off my back.

Around 3 am last night, Dude came into my room and wanted to snorgle, and I barely drifted into consciousness enough to realize I had to go to the bathroom. So I went downstairs, came back, climbed into bed... and felt something wet by my ankles. I turned on the light and saw cat puke all over my sheets. I pulled everything off my bed except the comforter and pillows, which were untouched, and went downstairs to check on Dude and rinse off my legs. He was coughing in the bathroom but thankfully no longer puking, and he had this really sad and guilty look on his face. Poor guy, I couldn't really be mad at him since he couldn't help it. I got him some water and made sure he was ok before going back to bed. Although it was rather gross that it happened in my bed (in the two minutes I left the room), at least that's a fairly easy cleanup. I'll just rinse off the yucky and throw the sheets in the washing machine this evening. I'm just glad it wasn't on the carpet. And yes, Dude was ok this morning.

Speaking of sickness... dun dun dunnnnn I have a cold. I haven't had one in well over a year, so it's probably about time, but it's nothing major. I woke up yesterday, and my throat had that funny feeling that's always the first sign of a cold. Fortunately, my colds have a predictable cycle and tend to be fairly mild and short. Good excuse to sit around watching movies or playing video games while downing juice, though.

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