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So, I've been thinking. (Uh oh! Run for the hills!) I've been wanting to do a webcomic for ages now, but I know that a) I'd probably only update it sporadically, because I'm lazy, b) nobody would read it except maybe a few of my friends, and c) it would probably suck. But I'm thinking, screw it, I wanna make one anyway.

The thing is, with my regular writing, there's so much going on in the world inside my head that never makes it out on paper. There are some really great scenes that either don't make it into the novel I'm writing or happen after the end of that particular story. And some of the minor characters in the book have been really developed in my mind but don't have as big of a role because they're not directly involved with the plot. Besides, whenever I'm doodling and stuff, I end up drawing my characters about 75% of the time.

So this comic involves Annie, yes, but it centers on her current group of friends, including several mortals. Andhi-Loakua (Andy) and Maggie are significant characters in the book, so they would also be in the comic, but Maggie's sister Marina and her girlfriend Brenda are important characters in my world too, and I want to involve them more. Plus, the five of them hang out a lot after the end of the book, though who knows how long it will take me to finish writing it (I'd say I'll be lucky to finish it by the time I'm 30). These characters have all been living in my brain since I was around 16. They want to come out and play.

I think the comic storyline will start kind of near the end of where the book leaves off (for one thing, I cut part of a scene because it would open up a huge can of worms that I wanted to leave out of the book), and I'll see where it goes from there. I'll draw some basic character sketches later. For now, I think it will just be scanned pencil drawings (but this time I'll use drawing paper, not just torn notebook paper like the other random comics I used to draw).

Let's see if I actually go through with this.

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