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I'm glad I bought a new fridge today. It finally occurred to me that the one in the kitchen is shot. My main issue with it had been that the seals didn't work right and the freezer kept things cold but not frozen. Then in the last week, I started wondering why leftovers I'd only had for a couple days were spoiling. Finally, tonight I stuck my hand in there and realized there's no cold air. Meh. I didn't have very much food in either the fridge or freezer (I hadn't really been using the freezer anyway, since it doesn't freeze) anyway, but I always feel bad about wasting food. But! On Monday, the new fridge arrives! And I think I can salvage a lot of stuff in the fridge anyway, since I have a lot of pickles in there, and pickles don't care if you leave them out for a few days. Well, it could be worse. At least I didn't open the door to find a mysterious human turd. And then go ask my housemates if one of them pooped in my fridge, because I was too drucking funk last night. Ah, that never stops being funny. (Sorry Derek)

Guess I'll be cleaning out the fridge tomorrow. Aww man, and garbage night was just on Thursday...

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