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whooooo, i spent 3 3/4 hours at the writers house. and i have a test in psych tomorrow and i still have to read a chapter and a half.... eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

i need to call megan. tomorrow evening, hopefully. her rdtrn post made me sad and angry, and it further convinced me that society just plain sucks. her post brought me to tears, and i wrote a really long, ranting reply to it. but i want to talk to her before the next rdtrn digest is released. weight discrimination is a serious problem, but nobody cares (except for all the wonderful chubbychicks folks, of course!). so i was in a depressed, grumpy, bitter mood for a while, until i went to tuesday group. then everything was hunky-dory again, except i'm still stressed out because this week has been hectic.

i watched "working girls" today. woohoo, all about prostitution. lots of nudity. and i'm going to be a psych guinea pig TWICE tomorrow! racking up the extra credit points, since i'll probably need them if i don't get studying!

speaking of studying, i must be off. bye!

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